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If your air conditioner or heat pump isn’t blowing cold air, and it’s almost 15 years old, you’re probably going to need a new system installed. Typically, heat pumps can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on the frequency of maintenance that the system has received. An air conditioning system may last longer because it isn’t used year-round like a heat pump is. When it’s time for a new ac installation, whether it’s an AC system or heat pump, be sure to give us a call. You don’t want to trust the installation to anyone who doesn’t have the expertise for a quality installation.

Make the Right Choice For Your AC Installation

Quality and professionalism are what you want in your HVAC company when it comes to a new system installation. There are several steps to take before the actual installation. The first step is one of the most important, and that is sizing the system. Because of the rapid increase in HVAC technology in the past ten years, your new system may not be the same size system you have installed now.

Our comfort advisors will perform a new load calculation using multiple variables. Some of the considerations for sizing include the square footage of your home, the heat gain from windows, the number of occupants, and the orientation of your home. With this information, we can determine the best size system for your home.

AC Installation Service

A Quality Air Conditioning Installation Will Last the Length of Your System

After the size of your new system has been determined, we’ll present a few recommendations along with pricing. Including a variable-speed motor and 2-stage compressor in systems may cost a little more. However, the increased comfort in your home and energy efficiency that you’ll see on your utility bill makes the choice easy. You could easily save 20% on your monthly cooling costs.

Professional AC Installation Technicians

You can count on the professional and knowledgeable installation technicians from All-American Comfort. Our company culture places a high value on honesty, reliability, and integrity of our technicians’ work. Nowhere is that more important than on a new system installation. Our installation technician will install and then fully test your new system to meet the manufacturer’s efficiency ratings. Your system will be balanced to ensure that each room of your home receives the proper amount of air conditioning. So, wherever you are in your home, you will be comfortable.

Whether you’re replacing an old system or building a new home, know that All-American Comfort delivers the best in air conditioning installations. Call us for a complimentary consultation and estimate.

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Expert Installations from All American Comfort, LLC.

Founded in 2023, we are family-owned and operated and believe in treating people fairly. We provide a full range of honest and reliable residential and light commercial HVAC services. Our service technicians are fully certified in the state of Oklahoma. We will gladly provide free second opinions and free estimates on system change-outs. We are a Rheem and Gree authorized dealer, which is a highly sought-after designation that proves technical expertise and outstanding customer service. We offer 24/7 emergency services when needed, along with indoor air quality inspections. Our services are available to home and business owners in Altus, OK, and surrounding areas.

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